Happy Tuesday Friends,

Normally on St. Patrick’s Day, I am rocking my green and counting down till it’s acceptable to have a green beer or two. This is year certainly different. With everything going on in the world and each of us trying to figure out how best to cope with COVID-19, I am trying to do my part as well. I am diligently practicing social distancing and focusing on the happy things in my life.

As many of you know, I am a middle school Intervention Specialist (fancy word for special education teacher). I have been working hard to figure out how best to support my own students during this crazy time, but I felt compelled to share my knowledge and resources beyond. Below I am sharing all of the resources I have been able to find that are allowing free access during this pandemic. Many of these I use myself in my classroom and can speak from experience how useful they are! If you or a friend or family member is in need of educational resources during this time, check out my finds below!

Reading and writing

My personal area of expertise falls into the reading and writing categories. I have always been an avid reader and I am passionate about all this literacy. Below are a ton of resources for kids of all ages and they are all FREE!!!

~Scholastics ~Actively Learn

~Common Lit ~Activity Village

~3D Bear ~Adventure 2 Learning

~ABDO ~Age of Learning

~Academy 4SC ~Albert

~ActivED. ~American Reading Company

~Banzai! ~BeeLine Reader

~Black Box Education ~BrainPOP

~Brave Writer ~


While Math may not be my favorite subject, nor my best, there are thankfully plenty of resources out there to help those who are in the same boat as me, as well as provide enrichment for those who are busting through the math work they received from their teachers. Click any of the links below to check out the various different resources.

~MathScore ~AFSA

~Arcademics ~Ardor Math

~Ascend Math ~Bedtime Math

~BlockCAD ~Boddle

~CanFigureIt ~


I’ll be the first to admit that I am not much of a science-minded person, however if current events are teaching us anything, it is so important that we continue to teach and encourage our kids to explore science and other STEM fields.

~American Association of Chemistry Teachers ~American Chemistry Society

~Astrostem ~Biology Simulations


Social Studies

I always tell my students the purpose of history and social studies to help us learn from the mistakes of others to make our world a better place.

~Academy4SC ~American Panorama

~Active History ~Britannica

~Bunk History

Related Arts

Keeping kids active and getting their creative juices flowing during this time is of utmost importance! Check out the resources below to get them moving!

~2Simple ~Activity Village

~Artusi ~Blocksmith INC

~Camp Kindness ~Olympic School Program


Special Education

All students are unique in their own way, but for those who need additional support, below are some fabulous resources.

~Acessibyte ~Boardmaker


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