Happy Thursday Friends!

Summer is in full force (it is 90 degrees outside as I type this up) and one of my favorite summer trends is officially tie-dye. Between the bright prints and endless patterns, it is the ideal summertime print! I’m rounding up my favorite tie-dye finds from shirts and dresses to lounge sets and accessories. Click any of the pics to shop and let me know what your favorite tie-dye find is!

Tie-Dye Tops

For those of you who are a bit newer to the tie-dye game or are unsure if the trend if for you (FYI, it definitely is!) starting off with a cute tie-dye top is the way to go! Everything from comfy sweatshirts to graphic tees is available with this fun print!

Tie-Dye Lounge Sets

Lounge sets became my favorite thing at the start of quarantine and they are still a fave now that we’re into summer. So many lounge sets available with various tie-dye prints, it’s safe to say I want them all!! Comfy and cute all at the same time, I mean, is there really more we can ask for?

Tie-Dye Dresses

My most recent tie-dye fave is a good tie-dye dress! I’ve just placed an order for a few and have my eye on a couple that are currently on backorder. Believe me when I say, I’m checking my email constantly to make sure I don’t miss the restocks!

Tie-Dye Swim

Since this is a summer tie-dye round up, it would not be complete without swimwear! Tons of fun swimmies available in plenty of different styles and price points! The second I get access to a pool, you better believe I’ll be rocking one of these!

Tie-Dye Accessories

Now if you’re really unsure about the tie-dye trend or you just need a little colorful fun in your life at all times, check out some of these fun accessories. Everything from sneakers to hats to even face masks are available now in this fun print!


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