Happy Monday Friends!

It is crazy to think we are about halfway through July! Fall will be here soon and I for one cannot wait! Speaking of fall, one of the biggest sales of the fall is just around the corner-The Nordstrom Sale!

For those who may be unfamiliar with the NSale, it is a huge sale Nordstrom does, typically every July, with MAJOR markdowns on newly released items for fall. Everything from clothing to shoes to accessories, beauty, home, and more are all marked down to crazy sale prices! It is the perfect time to snag high quality fall items, however, I’ll be the first to admit how easy it is to overdo the sale.

I have shopped the NSale for a few years now and can definitely say some of my favorite things have been snagged from this sale. Nordstrom is undoubtably a retailer with exceptional quality and to get those items at a discount is hard to pass up. However, after a few years of shopping the sale, I have learned a thing or two that may better help you shop the sale and get the biggest bang for your buck!

5 things to snag during the nsale

  1. Barefoot Dreams Blanket

One thing I’ve wanted to snag during the NSale for the last few years is a Barefoot Dreams blanket. After hearing so many friends and other bloggers RAVE about them, I’ve made it my number one thing to purchase this year. Now, you may say, don’t these go on sale a ton? And the answer is…kind of. Some styles and prints do, but the more popular ones, like the Leopard print which is what I’ve got my eye on never really do! Plain styles are often on sale from other retailers so if you’re unsure about dropping the money on one right now and don’t care as much about the print, you can still likely snag one at a discount later on this year!

2. Spanx Faux Leather Leggings

The first time I bought Spanx Leggings was during the NSale. Like the Barefoot Dreams blanket, these leggings very seldom go on sale! The NSale is the perfect time to grab a pair or two. But in case your size sells out and isn’t restocked, have no fear, retailers like Anthropology and Evereve often has a sale on Spanx later in the fall! 

3. Blank NYC Jacket

I’ll admit, I’m starting to acquire a rather solid Blank NYC jacket collection and it is all thanks to the NSale! A quality motto jacket is a fall essential and these always are crazily discounted during this sale! Definitely one of the first things to sell out, so be sure to act fast if you’re wanting to add one to your own wardrobe this year!

4. Shoes

One thing I tend to spend the most on each year during the NSale is shoes. Nordstrom often gets exclusive access to certain styles that aren’t available anywhere else making the deals that much better! This is a great time to grab a new pair of boots for the fall and winter.

5. Designer Bags

Brands like Clare V and Tory Burch often have great deals going on during the NSale. Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or get a great Christmas gift for a loved one, definitely check out the designer items available!

5 things to hold off on during the nsale

  1. Sweaters

Last years NSale had plenty of adorable sweaters that I am looking forward to wearing yet again this year. However, almost all of those sweaters I bought AFTER the NSale at the same price as the sale or even better! Sweaters often go quick as they as a fall staple, however IMO prioritizing sweaters isn’t the best move when making the most out of the sale. These are items that often get restocked a few weeks after the sale and eventually get discounted yet again at equal price or better deals. If you’re sticking to a budget and wanting to make the most of the sale, hold off on the sweaters for now. You won’t be wearing them for a while anyways so you’ll hardly notice having to wait!

2. Kids’ Items

Not having kids myself, I’ve personally never shopped for kids’ items during the sale. However, with how fast kids grow, purchasing cold weather items for kids months before they will wear them may not be the best move. Additionally, IMO, while the NSale has some great deals on higher end items for adults, many of the sale items are still pretty pricy. If you’re trying to ball on a budget, I’d skip the kids sales and check out other retailers for similar items.

3. Denim

The NSale can definitely have some great deals on denim, however, tons of retailers have just as good, if not better deals on equally quality denim year round. These are deals I’d hold off from buying since denim sales are always going on. Spend your money on items that will rarely go on sale.

4. Hats and Other Similar Accessories

I still remember the overwhelming disappointment I had when I received the email from Nordstrom that the Snakeskin Trim Panama Hat I ordered had been cancelled. That seemed to be one of the biggest hits of last years NSale! While I didn’t get that cute hat, being older and wiser now, I realize that it definitely wasn’t a bad thing. Many accessories like hats are often still priced pretty high when tons of dupes at a fraction of the sale price exist. Unless you need to have that name brand option, I’d check out boutiques and Amazon for dupes rather than dropping money on these sale accessories. 

5. Dresses and Skirts

Like sweaters, many of the sale dresses and skirts will eventually be restocked post the sale and be discounted yet again. Additionally, many lookalike items of these can be found at plenty of other retailers (don’t worry, I’ll be rounding up plenty of these once the sale begins!)


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