Happy Wednesday Friends!

I feel like lately I have been going through phases of having lots of new blog posts for a week or so and then going MIA on them for another few weeks. One of these days I’ll get a solid routine down! Anyways, July marks a big month! Not only are half the people I know celebrating their birthdays this month, but it is also the one year anniversary since I began using Tula Skincare Products!

For those who may be unfamiliar, Tula is an AMAZING skincare line that is probiotic and superfood based, making any of the products (or you know, all their products) a great addition to your skincare regiment! For the past year, I have been using TONS of Tula products in my morning and evening skincare routine and it has completely changed my skin for the better! Now, you may be wondering how it had such a huge impact on my skin, so let me break it down for you. Let’s go back in time to early 2019 when Corona was only a beer and my biggest problem was my insanely dry and flakey skin.

Skin History

So I’ll be the first to say that when it came to my skin, I’ve never really had any major issues. When I first started going through puberty, I had the occasional breakout, but nothing major. For years I used Clinique products and they worked well for my skin. Then along came college and my skincare routine pretty much became washing my face in the shower. To add insult to injury, my junior year of college I began using tanning beds and continued to further damage my skin. Of course in my early 20s though, like others my age, I was invincible and skincare was by no means a priority.

By the time my mid twenties came around, I was finally working a good job and could afford to make my skin a priority. In the fall of 2018, at 26 years old, I purchased for my skincare regiment since my teenage Clinique days. I was convinced to try out Rodan and Fields’ skincare line. I knew tons of people who used it and raved about it! In my head, their skin always looked great and if this many people were saying such great things about it, it had to work for me to. And it did…for a while.

Purchased in September 2018, things were going great with my new regiment until the frigid, dry days of December were upon us. In what seemed like a blink of an eye, my skin became so dry that it literally started flaking off in some areas. My makeup looked awful and nothing seemed to work. I continued to try different moisturizing products to no avail. Finally, after months of no success, I stopped using everything. For two weeks, I put nothing on my face. No cleanser, toner, makeup, nothing. I completely detoxed my skin. In those two weeks, I also decided to purchase a brand new skincare line. I figured it was worth a shot and I really had nothing to lose.

In July of 2019, I received my first Tula products-one of their starter kits. It was a 30 day supply of cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and an exfoliating mask. Just enough product for me to see if it would be worthwhile to go all in on this new brand. Within a week of using the Tula products, my skin already drastically changed. In no time at all, the flakiness was gone and my makeup was laying better on my skin. I quickly decided that Tula was now my go-to for skincare.

In the year since I have been using Tula, my skin continues to look and feel healthy. I still cannot believe it took my this long to give Tula a try, but I can assure you, I don’t regret it at all! From having gentle products that treat a variety of concerns, to being considerably more affordable than many other skincare lines, Tula seems to have it all!

Favorite tula Products

One of my favorite things about Tula is the variety of products they have. Their website offers so many wonderful things for your skin, plus they are always working on coming up with new products to continue to help everyone’s skin!

purifying face cleanser

The Tula cleanser is by far one of my favorite products, and is clearly a favorite among users as it is advertised to be a cult favorite! I can assure you, giving it that description is not simply a marketing plow, but an accurate description of how incredible it really is! As someone who struggles with dry skin, I wanted a cleanser that would be gentle, but effective. The Tula Cleanser does just that! I gentle gel with no exfoliating beads, this cleanser gets my skin soft and clean, while effectively removing makeup. The gigantic bottle as well will last you forever!

Large view of hydrating day & night cream

Another product that was a huge game changer was this day and night cream. I added this to my routine back in the winter months as my skin is more susceptible to dryness then and let me tell you, this is truly amazing! A little bit of this goes a long was and does exactly what it says it will do. This truly keeps my skin moisturized and hydrated all day long!

Pro-Glycolic 10% Resurfacing Toner

The one product I was most apprehensive to use was the toner. Often times, the alcohol base of toners dries on my skin and I was worried about that happening again. To my surprise, this toner is actually alcohol free! I can’t tell you how thrilled that made me. Like all the other Tula products, this one surpassed my expectations and worked phenomenally.

Illuminating Serum

If dry skin is my number one issue, a close second is lackluster skin. Personally, I am one who wants my skin to glow. This illuminating serum helps with just that. I use this right under my eyes every morning and love the subtle glow it gives. I have noticed it helping with darker circles over time as well which is a major win in my book!

cooling & brightening eye balm

By far my FAVORITE products, this under eye balm is a game changer! The rose eye balm not only helps cool and, when used in the morning, definitely helps calm and wake my skin up, but it also helps act as a gorgeous highlighter as well! Perfect to use under or over your makeup, if you only were to have one Tula product in your skincare routine, this one would have to be it!

Nourishing Face Mask

I am a sucker for a good face mask and this one is so relaxing! The creaminess of the mask feels so relaxing after a long day! This one is also perfect for some extra hydration, plus I love the smell of it too!

nourishing & brightening hydrogel mask

Last, but certainly not least of my go-to Tula products is their sheet mask. This is insanely hydrating, and if kept in a skincare fridge or other cooler area, feels so refreshing on skin at the end of a long day! These are perfect to keep around for a self-care day or for a spa night with friends!

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