Happy Monday Friends!

No matter the season, a cute graphic tee is one of my favorite ways to mix up a simple look and turn it into something a little more trendy or quirky. Over the past few years, I’ve developed quite the graphic tee collection and the love for these fun wardrobe pieces doesn’t seem to be slowing down in the slightest!

Designer Inspired tees

One of the most popular graphic tee trends as of late is designer inspired tees. This chic, but simple, way to add a little lux and glamour into an everyday look is one of my personal favorite looks and the variety out there is endless! Tons of small business are taking control of this trend and are killing the game!

Boozy Foodie Tees

Another one of my favorite graphic tee trends is anything involving food or drink. Nothing says Taco Tuesday or Saturday Brunch like a fun graphic tee. Amazon has been one of my favorite places to snag these types of graphic tees with everything imaginable available at crazy reasonable prices!

Pop Culture Tees

Whether you’re a Schitt’s Creek fan or you can’t get enough of Friends, the tees out there with references to these shows and more are plentiful and right on trend. With famous quotes from your fave movie or TV show, pop culture referenced shirts are a fun way to share your interest and even be in on an inside joke.

Seasonal tees

Whether you’re feeling patriotic or ready for fall, a cute graphic tee that aligns with the current season or holidays is a fun way to get in the spirit! These types of graphic tees are easy to find, whether you’re shopping Amazon, Target, or a local boutique, you can almost guarantee you’l find a few in their inventory.

Inspirational tees

Last, but certainly not least, are tees that inspire or have a positive message. As a teacher, these are some of my favorite as I can wear them to work, as well as out and about. Plus, who doesn’t love a shirt that gives off positive vibes at the same time. Especially in the crazy year that 2020 has been, we could certainly all use a little positivity in our lives.

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