Happy Tuesday Friends!

Although Christmas is still well over a month away, between quarantining until the 10th and the craziness that is 2020, I pulled the trigger and busted out my Christmas tree. To be honest, I have been eagerly waiting to put up my new King of Christmas tree since it arrived over the summer and I think I should get an award for holding off this long!

While I love putting up my tree, it can definitely feel like a tedious process. The tree I have been using for the past few years has dozens of pieces to it which can take a while to put together. Then you add in wrapping the lights around and before you know it and it can feel like a long process…even if you’re playing Christmas music during to make it fun.

This year I was pleasantly surprised to see that the King of Christmas trees come in just 3 large pieces and mine is pre-lit too! It took less than ten minutes to get it all set up and ready to decorate, which is of course the fun part! Keep reading for a few tips and tricks to help make your tree beautiful, but without breaking the bank!

Bust out the ribbon

Whether your tree is brand new like mine or a few years old, fluffing out the tree is essential! Sometimes though they don’t get quite as full as we’d like or if we’ve had them for a while, they may have lost a few branches over the years. An easy fix to this is to fill in the empty spaces with wide ribbon!

Amazon, Michaels, or any other craft store will have plenty of options to match your tree theme or color scheme. I suggest finding ribbon that’s at least two inches thick for optimal filling. For my tree, I try to cut the ribbon into multiple pieces about the length of the tree. Then, starting at the top, every foot or so (or wherever the empty spaces tend to be) stuffing just a bit of the ribbon into it. This is not only a fun way to decorate, but it is inexpensive and can help disguise any less than ideal features of your tree!

The Faux Flower FIx

Another decorating style I love is adding faux flowers into my trees. Again, this is a super easy way to fill less than full spaces within your tree and make it look super elegant and glam. Sometimes though, faux flowers can get costly. When looking on Amazon for some, a set of a dozen can easily run upwards of $20 which is a little much for me.

TREE HACK TIME! Instead of buying the already individual flowers to add to your tree, buy a full bouquet from Michaels, Hobby Lobby, or similar places and then cute the individual stems off to stuff in your tree! This will save you tons of money and give your tree such a glam look!


Last, but certainly not least, is to add some pillows beneath your tree. If you’re like me and are putting your tree up early, there may not be any wrapped present to place under it for a while. Adding a few pillows that match the theme or color scheme of your tree is a great way to fill that empty space without breaking the bank! Plus, once you have a few gifts to put under it, you can easily add the pillows to your couch, chair, or bed!

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