Happy Friday All!

We made through another week and boy was it ever a week! We are that much closer to Christmas and all I can say is Hallelujah!!

Today I have rounded up a few of my favorite gadgets for the kitchen. Everything from hand mixers to blenders to the every coveted KitchenAid Mixer. Scroll on through to shop or get ideas for the Kitchen Connoisseur in your life!

Handheld necessities

Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or practically live there, there are a few gadgets you may need or want to snag for someone special in your life. A good hand mixer for example will go a long way. From easily mixing up cookie dough to creating the yummiest homemade whipped cream, not kitchen can go without.

A few other handheld gadgets you may want to consider though as well as an Immersion Blender (this is on my list this year), a Hand Held Torch for all your caramelizing needs, or even a spiralizer. All of these helpful gadgets that are great to gift yourself or loved ones are all linked here!

Drinik up!

Maybe you’re shopping for the coffee fanatic in your life? While a Keurig is always a safe bet, I swear by my Nespresso! The frothy coffee makes for a great start to my day and with a milk frother too, it makes working from home seem a little more fun.

Now perhaps though, you’re shopping for someone who’s all about their smoothies (at least by day) and then wants to get a little bad and boozy at night. I’ve got a few fab finds here to meet all their needs!

Kitchen essentials

The last few items in my Kitchen Gadget roundup are a few finds that may be a bit pricy, but are ESSENTIAL to any kitchen! Whether you are an avid baker or someone who just throws meals together, I promise you you’ll find plenty of use and even inspiration with a KitchenAid Mixer.

Perhaps quick and easy is you go-to method for cooking. If that’s the case, an Air Fryer, InstantPot, or CrockPot are right up your ally! While I don’t have an InstantPot myself, the second I move into a bigger place, this is at the top of my list to snag! I can say from experience that a good crockpot and air fryer can be a major game changer to meal prep, and after getting my parents the Ninja Air Fryer for Christmas last year, I know that they can be a huge hit as a gift!

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