Happy Sunday Friends!

I am in my final days of quarantine and it’s safe to say I am counting down the minutes until I am free! I will say, spending the past week plus quarantined has given me an even more serious outlook on this pandemic and I can’t help but stress how important it is to keep socially distanced and avoid get togethers.

As I encourage you all to be safe and follow guidelines, I know that means likely not getting to see various friends, family, and other loved ones during the holiday season. While I’d never suggest that a gift can compensate for actual human interaction, it can certainly be a reminder of how special someone is in your life! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite customizable gifts for anyone in your life who is so special, they deserve something truly one of a kind.


Of course we’re starting off the roundup with jewelry! Diamonds are, after all, a girls best friend. Okay, okay, maybe I don’t have any diamonds in this roundup, but I’ve got plenty of other fabulous finds that make the perfect one of a kind gift for the glam girl in your life!

Kitchen Items

I don’t know about you, but I am such a sucker for a Monogramed Charcuterie board. I cannot for the life of me explain why, but I just absolutely love them! I’ve got a bunch of fun kitchen items that are customized for whoever you are shopping for (no judgement if it’s for yourself!)

Etsy Finds

If you’re looking for good, custom item, Etsy is definitely the place to shop! I’ve rounded up some of the best custom Etsy finds that are great to add to your home or as a perfect gift!


Last, but certainly not least, are customized clothing items. I have quite a few custom clothing items and I absolutely love them! I love that they are one of a kind and unique. When they have been given to me as gifts, it makes me feel too that whoever gave it to me, really put some effort and thought into this gift! I know often times, custom items feel like they cost quite a bit, but I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite custom pieces that won’t break the bank!

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