Happy Thursday Friends!

If you saw my post a few weeks ago, you know I talked all about goals for 2021! The goals I shared there are my big things I hope to achieve this year, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have other things on my mind that I want to accomplish. One thing I have decided I want to do this year is to focus more on local businesses and share them with you all! 2020 certainly taught us how important local businesses are and Columbus is full of some incredibly ones!

This week for my first Local Spotlight, I am sharing a fabulous spa located in Westerville that is the perfect addition to anyone self-care routine. Skin Haven in Westerville, is the perfect place to get a custom facial and step up your skincare regimen. Emily, my esthetician and owner of Skin Haven, was not only sweet as can be, but incredibly knowledgeable about all things relating to skincare.

During my appointment, Emily started with a skin assessment using a Skin Imaging machine. Having gotten several facials from various other spas over the years, their treatment is definitely more thorough than others. While most places ask a few questions about your current needs, Skin Haven dives deep and fully analyzes your skin and gives individualized suggestions based on their professional expertise. One of the most unique aspects about a treatment at Skin Haven is their Skin Imaging machine. Within seconds, this high tech device analyzes every inch of your face and determines everything from how old your skin is based on sun damage, wrinkles, and more, as well as areas of concern. With this device and her expertise, she is able to devise a treatment for the day, as well as provide long term recommendations to help with your skin as much as possible.

After my initial analysis, Emily gave me such a relaxing facial which included dermaplane, a jelly mask, a jade roller massage, and a light neck and shoulder massage. It was without a doubt the most relaxing experience I have had in a while! Prior to the dermaplane, she double cleansed my skin and used a light oil to help limit any resistance from the dermaplane blade. She carefully exfoliated my face, taking extra precaution around the small facial mole I have near my mouth.

After the dermaplane, she prepped my skin for the calming jelly mask with a hot towel. She took extra care around my eyes not to disturb my lash extensions, a service I greatly appreciated! The jelly mask was nice and cold and felt so calming after the gentle exfoliating of the dermaplane. Again, she took extra care around my eyes to help keep my lashes in tact.

As the jelly mask solidified, she gave me the most relaxing neck and shoulder massage. I swear, I could have easily laid here all day! Once the mask was solid, she took chilled jade rollers and proceeded to gently massage my face.

Finally, after the removal of the mask, she made sure to moisturize and use sunscreen to continue to help protect my skin.

My whole experience at Skin Haven was an absolute dream. Emily is not only knowledgeable and skilled, but truly wants to help her clients protect their skin and correct any damage. She offers services in everything from ant-aging facials, illuminating facials, peels, acne clearing, and so much more! If a goal of yours in 2021 is to get your skin on track, head to Emily asap and use my code KELCI20 for 20% off your first service PLUS a free Skin Imaging consultation.


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