Happy Monday Friends!

This week is a busy one so don’t mind me thinking about all the self-care I’m about to get into once the weekend rolls around! Speaking of self-care though, unless you’re new around here, you probably know that I am a sucker for a good skincare product or anything really that helps look and feel my best. When it comes to beauty and skincare, I have a try anything once mindset so when the opportunity to get Botox came about, I of course said yes!

So if we’re being technical, I actually got Xeomin which is just like Botox, BUT it does not have any additives. It works the exact same as Botox, but you’re actually putting less into your body. Huge in in my opinion! Like Botox, Xeomin is injected into the skin and works to prevent to formation of wrinkles. It’s been two weeks since my injections and it is safe to say I am IN LOVE!! I got a bunch of questions about the process, as well as the company who hooked me up, The Skim Clique, and have them all answered below!

Does botox/Xeomin injectiOns hurt?

Short answer-a little!

Long answer-I’d say I’ve got a pretty average tolerance for pain. Let’s preface this by saying I have gotten 5 tattoos and while I’m no stranger to needles and I powered through those, they definitely hurt a bit! The Xeomin injections hurt SIGNIFICANTLY less. In preparation for the injections, my Skin Clique nurse, Rose, shared that there may so some discomfort when they needles were injected, but the pain would pretty quickly dissipate once the needle was removed. This was exactly my experience. My forehead hurt the worst and I’d probably give it a 5/10 for discomfort, but as quickly as it started, the pain was over. Nothing was prolonged or continued after the needle was removed. My 11s and crows feet probably hurt the second worst, again with the same experience of the pain being super quick, and then my marionette lines on either side of my mouth hurt the least. The whole injection experience lasted less than 10 minutes from the first injection to the last. My forehead did bleed a little, but no other marks were noticeable. While getting the injections, Rose also gave me a vibrating beauty bar to help distract me. I did trip this pretty tightly, but it did help!

How much did it cost?

In the spirit of full disclosure and transparency, I was gifted this Xeomin session. However, had I paid out of pocket for it (which spoiler alert, I’ll be doing this again so I will be in the future) I would have paid a total of $408 which equals out to $12 per unit. I got a total of 34 units too. Part of the cost though of these injections is that a highly qualified staff member from the Skin Clique actually comes to your home to perform the injections! The convenience of someone coming to me was such a nice bonus, it’s definitely worth a little extra money to get beautified in the comfort of your own home!

The skin clique Comes to you!? What was that like?

I have never had a beauty service come to me before so this definitely felt extra lux! In the current world of COVID and just the cold, crappy winter weather, I’m always looking for ways to stay home. When the Skin Clique shared that this is how they do their injections, I was on board immediately! Rose came by my apartment with all the goodies and we just set up at my kitchen table. It took her just a bit to get set up and took even less to clean up! The whole experience was maybe 30-45 minutes and Rose was absolutely amazing! She answered all of my questions, explained every step she did, and wore a mask and made me feel super safe the entire time.

What is the aftercare process?

As far as aftercare goes, it is super simple! Rose said to make sure I don’t lay down for at least 4 hours. This is just to make sure none of the product moves around too much. Additionally, she said to keep my skincare regimen simple that night. She said to avoid retinols or any other products that could irritate skin. I kept mine super simple using my Tula cleanser and moisturizer. I finally went to bed about 6 hours after the injections and woke up with no problems. The next morning, all the little marks I had were gone and could do my full skincare routine without any issues.

How long does it last?

Every body is different, but on average they say it lasts about 3 months, possibly 4. I plan on going back in about 3 months to get another round of injections, doing the same places I did this last time.

WhAt areas did you get done? Would you change any For the next time?

I got a total of 34 units divided up between my forehead, 11s (between my eyes), crows feet (outside my eyes) brows, and marionette lines (either side of my mouth). I may get a little in my upper lip to give a look of a lip filler. Lip fillers are something I’ve been considering for a while too so this will be a good way to test if I want to fog all in. Other than that, I plan to do the same injections! Other common areas though to get Xeomin injections are the neck to smooth the lines, around your nose, checks, and chin. The Skin Clique is incredibly knowledgeable and will be able to recommend what to do based on your concerns!

What other services Does the skin Clique offer?

The Skin Clique offers several other services in addition to Xeomin and Botox injections. They offer Dermal Fillers, Dermaplaning, and Chemical Peels, as well as have a variety of skincare products for purchase.

Will you COntinue with it?

ABSOLUTELY!!! I am in love with how my skin looks and just loved everything about the Skin Clique! I am all about preventative skincare and keeping up with the Xeomin is definitely a way to help me achieve the skin I want! I am so happy I finally took the plunge and am so thankful I took that jump with the Skin Clique!

before pics

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