Happy Saturday Friends!

The temps may be a little cooler this weekend here in Columbus, but the sunshine and clear blue skies have me thinking all about the warm days to come! Last summer I’ll admit was a bit of a bum deal because my apartment’s pool choose not to open because of COVID, so this summer I am keeping my fingers crossed for more time poolside. As I dream about hopefully lounging out by a pool this summer, I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite one piece swimsuits that will be great all summer long!

One-piece swimmies under $25

I went back and forth how I wanted to organize this post and decided going by price point made the most sense! I found a bunch of fun swimmies under $25 that a perfect if you’re trying to ball on a budget.

One Piece swimmies $25-$50

Narrowing down my favorites in this category was tough! Tons of swimsuits seem to be under $50 which makes it not only accessible for so many budgets, but gives tons of options available!

One piece swimmies $50-$100

One piece Swimmies over $100

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