Happy Monday friends!!

I am officially done with teaching for the 2020-21 school year (also known as the LONGEST year ever!!) which means summer is here and it is time to celebrate!

Every celebration needs a yummy drink and since it’s summertime that means it is Frosè season! A yummy Frosè, or frozen rosè, has become one of the best drinks to have during the summer. Tons of bars and restaurants always come out with their version of it and it is always one of my favorite cocktails to order while sitting on a patio or lounging by the pool!

If you’re a huge Frosè fan like me, follow me super eat recipe below to make them at home any time you want!


-1 cup of f rosè (I prefer to use a drier rosè rather than a sweet one. The Winc Summer Water is a great option!)

-1oz Rosè Vodka

-1 cup frozen strawberries

-4 frozen cubes of Spritz Pink Guava Sparkling Tea


1. In an ice cub tray, pour Spritz tea and freeze

2. In a blender, ass your rosè, vodka, frozen strawberries, and at least 4 Spritz ice cubes. Add more strawberries or ice cubes for less boozy taste/more slushy consistency. Add another shot of vodka for a stronger drink.

3. Blend until everything is combined and is a slushy texture.

4. Pour into glass of choice and enjoy!

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