In talking with many of my friends this year, it sounds that many of them are hoping to snag their beauty and skincare faves for Christmas. I have rounded up everything from the best skincare finds to makeup palettes…and it’s all under $100!!

skincare finds

Glow Recipe products have been a part of my everyday skincare routine for some time now. I love their natural ingredients and how well they hydrate my skin! Tula is another one of my absolute favorites and it’s probiotic based formula has been a major game changer for my skin. It has helped my skin go from dry and cracked, to hydrated and supple. Many other products from Vitamin C serums, Collagen, and face masks have all helped me get healthy skin and will hopefully keep me from aging.


Lip care, especially during the cold, winter months, is essential! I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite lip care finds, as well as some pretty colors to add to them once they’re nice and healthy.


If I could only choose one beauty area to have products for, it would easily be the eyes. Between retinal cream to help with wrinkles to eye shadow palettes to help create dramatic looks, I cannot get enough eye makeup and care.

Cheeks and Face

For years, the only makeup I really used day to day was a foundation compact. A good foundation or concealer can make a world of difference in your skin. Over the years, I have tried and found several different foundations, concealers, and other face makeup that have certainly upped my game!