Happy Sunday friends!

It is the last Sunday in October which means it is basically Christmas! I am itching to decorate for the Holidays so bad, I have started a countdown until I can start (only 32 more days!) My first gift guide of the season, Home Decor Under $100, was a huge hit! By popular request, this week I am excited to share some fantastic finds for all the men in your life for under $100.


If you haven’t heard all the rage about Yetis yet, let me catch you up. In short, they are a major game changer when it comes to keeping your cold drinks chilled and your hot drinks piping hot. There are tons of other, similar products out there, but what makes the Yeti even better is that they are all dishwasher safe! Last year for Christmas, I got my boyfriend a Yeti Koozie with the Ohio State Logo on it and he was obsessed! It has gotten so much use, I’m contemplating adding another Yeti to his collection. Whether you are buying for your boyfriend/husband, father, friend, or anyone in between, Yetis are an awesome gift that don’t have to break the bank and will definitely win you accolades!


This may sound weird, but I absolute love buying men’s clothes! Pretty much any time I get my boyfriend a gift, some type of clothing is involved. For the past few Christmases, Patagonia has been my go-to when buying him clothing, but there are tons of other retailers that offer stylish menswear at affordable prices too! Check out some of my favorite finds below!

Men’s Accessories

To help me gain some insight into writing this post, I asked many of the men in my life what they would like for each category. When I got to accessories, without fail, they all gave me a look and said something to the extent of that men don’t accessorize. I then pointed out that they wear shoes, wallets, watches, and much more. They then just proceeded to stare at me and eventually changed the subject. So…long story short, I consider all of these to be accessories to menswear and all the ones included here are under $100!


Who else has a man in their life that is ALL about the latest technology? Almost two years ago for our anniversary, I got my BF airpods and it was crazy how excited he was for them! Currently he is debating about whether he should finally pull the trigger and snag an Apple watch and I am totally here for it! Now, if Apple watches and airpods aren’t quite in your budget, but you know he’d love some type of tech, below are some of my favorite finds for under $100.

As I discover more ideas for Men under $100, I will be adding them here for sure! Additionally, stay on the lookout for my Men’s Gift Guide: Splurge Items that should be here on the blog in the next few weeks!