This past summer, after hearing all about Tula for quite some time, I finally decided to try it out and haven’t looked back once! The probiotic based formula has made a world of difference with my dry skin and it doesn’t hurt it’s super affordable! From their cleanser to their under eye glow balm, everything that I have tried has been life changing!

Glow recipe

While Tula is definitely my go-to for skincare, another brand that I am in love with is Glow Recipe. Their unique products will all natural ingredients are gentle on the skin and have been working wonders for me! When I’m in need of a little extra hydration or to help combat aging, I love using everything from their Watermelon Night Mask to their Avocado Retinal Cream.

Skin Care masks

Who else loves a good face mask? The are my favorite way to get some R&R and help keep my skin healthy in the process. I am always on the lookout for new masks, but below are a few tried and approved masks.

Skincare tools

It may sound a bit weird to say I use skincare tools, but these three items are essential to my everyday skincare and are a major game changer! My skincare fridge is by far one of the best purchases I have ever made! It makes every morning and night as I go through my skincare routine feel like a trip to the spa. It not only helps the products stay cool and feel amazing on my skin, but it also enhances the products and extends the life on many of them as well! My derma roller and rose quartz rollers are just as amazing! My derma roller helps open up my pores so all these products really seep in and the rose quartz roller helps de-puff my skin and soothes it after a long day. I cannot say enough good things about each of these and absolutely swear by them!