Happy Hump Day Friends!

We are half way through the week and , in case you haven’t heard, winter arrived in the Midwest this week. Here in Columbus we definitely got more than the simple dusting of snow I was expecting. Between the snow and the temps in the single digits, it’s taking all my willpower to not decorate for Christmas!

I will hold off though for a few more weeks before officially decorating. And, in the spirit of not forgetting about Thanksgiving, today I’ve got a few of my favorite looks to wear for any Thanksgiving Day celebration. From casual styles to more formal looks, however you celebrate Thanksgiving, I have got you covered!

Sassy and Class-Leather Midi Skirt 

One of my absolute favorite trends is the midi skirt. I think they are so flattering on every body type and a style that works no matter what time of the year. A leather midi skirt, while a little sassy for sure, when paired with a conservative sweater gives you the perfect balance of sassy and classy.

Trendy-Plaid Jacket

In case you have missed it, plaid jackets are ALL the rage right now. I have been loving this new trend and have been rocking this look nonstop! This look is a super easy way to be on trend and still super comfortable! I paired mine with a loose white tunic, my Spanx leggings (which are the perfect thing to wear for Thanksgiving) and suede knee-high boots. You could easily pair this jacket with jeans if that is more your style or with flats if rocking a heel on turkey day is a little too extra for you. Either way, incorporating a plaid jacket into your fall wardrobe is a must!

Classic and Casual-Cozy Turtleneck and Booties

Perhaps your Thanksgiving is more on the casual side. If that is the case, a good pair of denim, a cozy turtleneck, and a simple pair of booties is the way to go! This timeless look will be an essential look to wear not only for Thanksgiving, but anytime during the chillier months.

A Little Dressy-Chenille Dress

As it starts to cool down, all I want is all the cozies, but to also look cute too. This chenille dress checks off both those requirements. If you’re headed to a Thanksgiving Day event that is more on the dressy side, but you still want to feel comfy and cozy, this dress is for you! You’ll want to live in the soft, chenille fabric and the looser fit makes it flattering even after a few helpings of mashed potatoes. The tie waist allows for easy adjustment and the high neckline and mid-thigh hemline make it appropriate for any occasion. This gorgeous jewel tone will seamlessly transition into the winter months perfectly, making it a great option to wear for any other holiday events as well. 

Comfort Above All 

Whether your turkey day is more casual or formal, sometimes going for comfort is the most important detail in dressing. Perhaps you’ll be spending most of your day cooking or you just want to comfy after sharing a delicious meal with your loved ones, comfort is placed above all. Now that doesn’t mean though we have to give up style. A poncho sweater and leggings is the best way to check off both! Loft always has tons of fabulous finds when it comes to the cozy sweaters and I will never stop swearing by the Spanx leggings. Between the two of these, you’ll be right on trend, but also feel like you’re rocking your PJs too!